Gauntlet Launches Online Fire Safety Training In Seven Languages

Businesses facing linguistic issues in explaining fire safety procedures to workers from Eastern Europe and other parts of the EU, can take advantage of a new e-learning option that makes ‘Fire Safety in Industry’ training available in Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Romanian, Latvian and Portuguese, as well as in Englis


Highly experienced health and safety consultant, Gauntlet Risk Management, has launched a suite of e-learning modules that allow users to enhance their health and safety knowledge using animated videos.


The ‘Fire Safety in Industry’ training module recognises that many British employers have Eastern European employees, and other EU nationals, within their workforce.  Whilst these staff may have the skills to operate plant and equipment, they may struggle to comprehend fire safety advice, or find it much easier to take on board learning messages communicated in their mother tongue.

Using a dropdown menu, those employees requiring a translation in one of the six foreign languages available can both read health and safety slides, and listen to accompanying audio, in their native language.


This module covers elements such as common hazards and bad practices in the workplace, how to act in the event of a fire, the importance of not ignoring alarms, correct evacuation procedures and the shared responsibility that all employees have for fire risk prevention and reporting.


Gauntlet E-Learning continuously tests knowledge and comprehension throughout the module, through questions and interactive elements that follow each section of video viewed.  Training can be repeated as many times as necessary, until the learning message is fully understood.


Having undertaken the Fire Safety training, the trainee receives a pass mark and the employer can file evidence of the training delivered. 


Documents are also available for download. These are a fire risk assessment toolkit manual, a fire safety policy statement template, a gable fire safety toolkit book and blank fire safety risk assessment toolkit forms.


Businesses requiring fire risk assessments and other health and safety advice can also access other services available from Gauntlet, which has over two decades’ experience in both health and safety consultancy and insurance and advanced risk management.


Gauntlet Health and Safety’s Business Development Manager, Andrew Scott, says: “Gauntlet E-learning offers businesses a very simple, compliant and holistic way of delivering health and safety training to all employees.  The fire safety module, with its availability in six different languages, allows employers to extend understanding of crucial fire safety procedures to employees who do not have English as their first language. 


“The module takes around 25 minutes to complete and can be done on any computer, at any time of day. This makes training flexible and easy-to-accommodate.”


More information about Gauntlet E-learning can be found at   







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